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Pan Fried Dumplings 煎餃 (20)

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A Deliciously crispy variation of our dumpling range. 

Whilst traditionally, dumplings are boiled. This dumpling is created specifically to be pan fried to create a crispy bottom that offers a unique sensation.

Orders contain 20 Dumplings.

Cooking instructions for Pan fried:

  1.  Prepare a Flour Slurry by mixing 1/3 Tsp of Flour to 80ml of Water.
  2.  Heat a Pan to Medium High Heat and add oil to lightly coat the pan.
  3. Add the Dumplings to the pan and add the flour slurry.
  4. Cover and cook until all the water is evaporated and there is a crispy bottom to the dumpling.

Watch our Pan fried Dumpling preparation video for a visual guide on the process of pan frying these dumplings at home.


  • Enjoy with some Chinese black vinegar, Soy Sauce and optionally some chili oil
  • Alternatively, enjoy with sweet chili sauce. 

Preparation Videos

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